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Kalempirion Studios 13

As a game studio, we are always focusing on the notion of providing players with a meaningful experience. Our vision is that video games should be more than just an item that is purchased once, enjoyed a couple of times and then thrown away in a library. Games for us are quite similar to novels. You read them once and then you spend hours thinking about what you have just experienced!

Our first project here at the studio was “Castle H”, a first-person, adventure game set in medieval times. When we first started working on the game, our main goal was to immerse players in a mystical world where the choices they make shape the story they experience. Should I open that door? Should I click that button? Should I follow the instructions that I am receiving, or disobey? Making choices and living with the consequences is the cornerstone behind our game design philosophy. Of course, with Castle H, puzzles and storytelling are also big parts of the game, that somewhat reduce the impact of the decisions made by the player.

This is where Inexorable comes in, an ambitious first-person Action-Adventure game taking place in 2133. We are looking to expand on the decision-making we have implemented in Castle H and provide players with an even more immersive, cinematic experience. We want to bring the player first, and their decisions should be absolute. 

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